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Popular kalenjin artiste Emmy Kosgei has been on the receiving end for more than a week now following statement that Kalenjin men are introverts.

In online talk show, Taunet nelel hit maker of  claimed that Kale men are afraid of expressing love to women thus some of them like herself lose hope and settle for men from other communities of foreigners.

In 2013, Emmy walked down the aisle with Nigerian Bishop Anslem Madbuko leaving many tongues wagging because of their age difference, even though she have never shied way form addressing her choice.

While her remarks have elicited huge debate with majority of Kenyan men hitting back on the artiste here are some of tricks Kalenjin men use when they are interested in woman or planning to marry.

1.My mother has been asking about you

This common trick that Kale men use to tell lady that he is planning to take the relationship to the next level; for gullible ladies mentioning this is clear indication that she is welcomed to the family na hapo anaingia box

2.Can you visit me over the weekend?

Having been secretly meeting, at some point the gentleman with lack of proper words to face the woman and ask for hand in marriage, he will just ask “si ukuje kwangu weekend”

3.Lets visit me aunt….

Most of the guys mostly from South Rift use this line seeing as they are close to aunties who will then tune the girlfriend on his behalf, for ages this has worked miracles! Ask kalenjin friend now!

4.How is my mother-in-law?

With difficulty of expressing love, most of the Kale men assume that dating woman will automatically become wife thus they would beat around the bush before and referring the girls’ mother as ‘mother-in-law’ or (Amune Boker)

5.Can you call my mum…

Like number one, most Kalenjin guys from North Rift when tuning woman will request the lady to call his mum and that way when lady accepts to call the gentleman’s mother will help him kuimuingizia box.

6.Elders will visit your home

There’s nothing that warms woman’s heart that hearing that the relationship is headed to the right direction, for coward Kale men mostly from kericho their will prose indirectly to the girl “elders will visit your home in August” (miten oret boisiek en arwaet ab sisit)

7.You can now refer my brother as ‘in-law’

This message is simply used to convince lady mostly from Chepalungu that she will be part of the man’s family thus Rotich will be shaking in his boots instead of facing Cherothich and ask for hand in marriage.

8.My sister loves you so much

Like number 7 above, the men from this region have been finding their way out of going for their knees to propose by using sweet excuse like “my sister likes you…chamin Chebet nebo iman”

9.Receive greetings from mum

For ages, young ladies willing to settle down have faced rough time relating with mother-in-laws thus Kiprop, instead of proposing will invoke mother’s name to win Chelagat’s heart.

10.suggest coulor of windows for my new home

It is every woman’s dream to hear her man talking about future plans including building a home but foe Kale men who want to propose he will just ask her to suggest colour of windows of house he is building. Waoga kabisa!!!

Shy man (Photo courtesy)


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