A pastor from Kakamega and his friend from Kericho have landed on the wrong side of the law for publishing false information about the Repentance and Holiness Ministry.

Paul Akhonya Weringa of Faithful Word Christ Church in Kakamega and Gilbert Kipyegon, member of African Gospel Church from Kericho, were arrested on June 5 for inciting the public against the church in Bomet town

It is claimed that they linked the church to the recent incident when an old man was mauled by stray dogs on 2nd June by sharing the information on social media. The two have since been arraigned in court in Bomet.

This is not the first time Kipyegon is finding himself in trouble. In February, Kipyegon claimed that he had posed as a disabled person during a prayer session to enable the church attract a huge following in the region.

Not long after, Kipyegon, also claimed in a viral audio that he was a senior official in the ministry, but went into hiding when he was summoned by police to record a statement.

He is reported to have shared the ‘fake disability’ story on Weringa’s social media church platforms, leading to another civil case between him and the ministry.

Eye witnesses say the victim mauled by dogs was drunk and seated at a road leading to his home when he was attacked by the dogs.

It is the resulting public protests and bizarre online claims linking the ministry to the attack that led to the arrest of the two.

But the Bomet County government dismissed “the strange creatures” claims, saying the victim could have been attacked by stray dogs, eventually leading to his death.

Bomet governor Dr Hillary Barchok said the deceased was probably attacked by stray dogs and that his administration will take action, including clearing bushes in the town.


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