Jemima Wangari, 50, has been preaching outside Ambassadeur Hotel at the city centre for more than five years now.

Wangari’s controversial prophecies mostly revolve around deaths of prominent leaders who seem to “die in twos.”

She claims that God has anointed her to deliver messages about success and tragedies including the Coronavirus that is now been declared pandemic by World Health Organization.

In December 2019, the prophetess claims God spoke to her that there would be catastrophe not only in the country but across the word.

She told Nairobi Journal “I announced that outside Ambasedour hotel where I usually preach, it was clear prophecy from God to warn Kenyans, first it was revealed to me that it will start with many holidays from the beginning of the year”

She added, “When Moi died and Kenyans were told to mourn for three days, that was the first sign of what I had been shown in vision. Most of the time when I share such prophecies people take it lightly because they come if form of proverbs. It is time to repent and turn back to God as it was clearly written in the Bible”


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