Diamond Platinumz and Tanasha Dona

Is Diamond Platinumz ex-girlfriend Tanasha seeing Kenya’s Real Estate Tycoon?

Well, barely two months since Diamond Platnumz broke up with his ex-girlfriend Tanasha Donna, it seems the beauty queen has moved on and forgotten all about ‘Simba’ leave for being baby daddy.

Tanasha was recently spotted hanging out with Kenya’s real estate tycoon Mwenda Thuranira in what has left many tongues wagging. Thuranira is  the CEO and Founder of Myspace Properties.

The mother of one, through her Instagram stories has been encouraging her fans to never pay back a wrong with another wrong.

When reached for comment, Tanasha didn’t pick calls or reply to text messages while Thuranina gave a curt “No comment”.

Ironically Diamond Platnumz and his then girlfriend Tanasha met Thuranina when the couple wanted to buy a house in the coastal city of Mombasa.

Tanasha hanging out with Thuranira


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