Heartbreak inspired Salim Young’s “Indo Ciene” song


Secular musician Laban Kinuthia alias Salim Young hit the airwaves with an outstanding song few weeks ago and has since gained an enviable popularity.

Young’s “Indo Ciene” (Owners’ goods) hit has excited many fans but unknown to many the 27-year-old conjured up the song from a heartbreak.

He loved a lady he was willing and ready to marry but as he was planning to settle down with her and even introduce her to his parents in Subukia, hell broke loose.

He learnt he was dating a married woman who even had a kid. Heartbroken and sorrowful he let it go but a song idea hit him.

“I was about to marry her but learnt she is married, with one kid”

This marked a breakthrough for his tortuous music journey he started in 2011.

Salim Young is the seventh born in a family of eight but also the sixth child in music career. Their father Joseph Salim Mwangi was the pioneer of Mugithi music.


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