A Kilifi witchdoctor claims women who sleep naked risk becoming barren.

Ali Maalim Bakari said, “Many people don’t know that sleeping naked especially for women is not safe. That is how ghosts show up at night and have sex with some ladies making them barren. These women lack sex appetite. I always advise women to wear something, even a panty alone,”

Bakari claims he advises women to dispose their used pads properly since evil spirits can use the pads to block their uterus.

“For instance, when a client complains of poor performance in bed, I urge them to spice up their bedroom game and also check on diet. Further, women should not throw their pads aimlessly, since that is what people use to block their uterus,” he said.

He revealed that he inherited his powers from his late dad and underwent a secret oath that involved slaughtering two cocks inside Kinunguna cave in Kilifi.


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