Godfrey Migwi

Decades ago, retired President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi pulled Prof George Saitoti from University hall to make him his Vice president.

Then he later abandoned him in the empty streets of politicsm in a move that made Saitotia politically irrelevant for his own and secretive political agendas.

However, Saitoti had one secret, he was very hardworking thus he won the heart of many people and respect in equal measures.

Even though the mathematics professor had a good chance to become the 3rd President of Kenya.

Saitoti was sure he will get enough support from three tribes which are Kikuyus, Masais and kalejins to clinch the top seat in the land.

It was around the same time that the first handshake was initiated by Moi and Raila to finish Saitoti and others.

One day after the 1997 elections, Moi invited Raila Odinga to his Kabarak home for talks after KANU swallowed Raila’s NDP Party.

Raila thought Moi will endorse him but to his shock he appointed appointing then unpopular Uhuru Kenyatta to succeed him (Moi)

That time Uhuru was not known even at his Gatundu backyard as Mwai Kibaki coalition sailed smoothly.

But later on, the late transport Minister Michuki and some of Mt Kenya king makers started shaping Uhuru who climbed to Deputy Prime Minister and now Kenyan Fourth President.

Lessons to learn from ‘Handshake’

*Elevation in politics is good but make sure you carry your own ladder wherever you go.

*Don’t trust too much the one elevating you if not the people, because one cannot become a king without people’s voice.

*Political Handshakes brings peace and unity to the country but not to the ‘hand-shakers’.

*One cannot be finished politically when out of reach, in politics bring him/her closer if he wins people’s hearts elevate then remove the ladder.

Godfrey Migwi is the lead Preacher, House of Hope Church in Nairobi.


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