Salty Water: Nothing to smile about for Kitengela kids

Browning child's teeth


Borehole, Salty water is the affordable alternative for Kitengela residents  and within is generation losing the sparkle in their smile.

Clean water supply is a costly commodity in Kitengela, property and home owners have resorted to sinking boreholes to substitute the unavailable clean, piped water.

However, those unable to afford bottled water for drinking and cooking end up consuming the borehole water that has high fluoride and thus young generation teeth discolouration is catching up with them early.

Joseph Mbugua, a resident says relying on ‘clean’ water from vendors is not an escape from fluorosis but the solution is pricier. 

Water vendors in Kitengela buying borehole water for resale. [Courtesy]

“Children are experiencing discoloured teeth at early ages. To avoid fluorosis the only way out is to get drinking water from the shops but that is not within reach of every resident. On average I spend Sh200 every three days on bottled drinking water alone” says Mbugua.

Nicholas Zege, a property dealer says apart from fluorosis, residents are also suffering bleaching of clothes when they wash with salty water.


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