A man has landed in trouble over claims that he touched a female cop on her mammary glands.

Erick Kinagendi was accused of committing the offence while the police officers were carrying out a raid on illegal brews in Makadara area.

He is said to have intentionally touched a police officer’s breast without her consent.

Kibangendi was accused of assaulting another police officer on duty and resisting arrest.

The officers were on patrols when they received information from members of the public that there was a house where revelers were drinking Chang’aa.

They all checked into the said den and found drunkards making merry. The officers proceeded to search the house, and while at it, they recovered the illicit brew.

It was in the process that the accused allegedly grabbed the female cop and dared her to arrest him.

He was however arrested and placed in custody until the following day. In court, the accused blamed his actions on alcohol.

He also told the court that he lost Sh6,500 and got injured by police. He was however released on a cash bail of Sh50, 000. The case shall be heard on February 20 2024.


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