A Nairobi man has been accused of receiving money from a kindey patient with a promise that he will assist him undergo transplant in India.

The accused Stanley Macharia Maina  was arrested and charged with obtaining Sh1,781, 000 from Daniel Mwangiru Karichu.

He is said to have by falsely pretended that he was in a position to facilitate Kirachu’s travel to India for a kidney transplant

The accused is alleged to have committed the offense on diverse dates between July and August this year promising Karichu that he was in a position to facilitate his travel for the procedure knowing the same was untrue.

Consequently, he was charged for personation, whereby he presented himself as a medical doctor contrary to the law.

Macharia is also facing forgery charges where he is accused of making a declaration of consent affidavit purported to be genuine documents filed by Mr Karichu and his kidney documents.

Reports have it that Karichu has been battling a kidney disease for over 15 years and he was recommended for a transplant.

He was then referred to Mr Macharia who claimed to be a doctor with connections in India where he said to have had connections with medical facilities where the surgery could have been performed.

It was then when Karichu embarked on the journey to India by providing a number of documents listed by Macharia who also directed him to deposit a total of USD 42,000.

It is reported that Karichu started sending the money to an account provided by the accused totalling the stated amount.

He is said to have continuously demanded more money without disclosing what it was being paid for.

In an attempt to get the documents for which Karichu had paid for, the accused person handed him fake travel documents claimed to have been processed at the Indian Embassy in Nairobi.

Karichu then decided to inform the authorities at Kasarani DCI offices and investigations revealed that he was not a medical doctor as he had alleged.  He was nabbed at Thika Road Mall where he was to meet the complainant.

When he was presented before Hon. Onkwany, he pleaded not guilty and sought to be released on lenient bail and bond terms.

The investigating officer opposed his release on bond stating that he was arrested while in a mission to defraud another victim.

The detective further added that Macharia has not been cooperating during probe because he did not want to reveal the place he lived hence rendering him a potential flight risk.

Macharia will now spend a week in custody pending a ruling on his release terms.


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