A businessman in Nairobi is counting losses after being drugged by two women suspected to be high end sex workers.

The suspects have since been arrested and it is a suspected that a man helped them to carry out their mission.

The two women who are suspected of drugging the businessman before stealing his two mobile phones on August 4.

The items are – I phone Promax 13 valued at Sh185, 000, I phone 10 valued at Sh110, 000, and a laptop valued at Sh270, 000 and Sh360, 000 in cash all valued at Sh915, 000.

On the stated day, businessman checked into a restaurant in Umoja Estate for some refreshments when the two ladies purportedly joined him at the table.

They ordered drinks and started a conversation with him before he decided to leave the club but the two ladies requested him to drop them along Kangundo road and he agreed.

Along Kangundo road the businessman was requested to stop by a food joint where one of the ladies bought food and beer before convincing him to go with them to an AirBnB along Thika Superhighway and he agreed.

Allegedly, the three continued drinking before the ladies drugged him before stealing his items and drove the victim in his car and dumped him at Mirema drive in Kasarani while inside his car in unconscious at around 5am on August 5th.

At around 6pm the businessman regained his consciousness at a place he was not familiar with. He asked for help from the people around and he was directed to find his way to Thika Superhighway. His family members had started searching for him.

He later in the day sought treatment before reporting the matter at Buruburu police station.

The businessman decided to check out his bank accounts and he was frustrated to learn that Sh360, 000 had been transferred.

Following Investigations, one of the women was arrested in Umoja and a SIM Card that received some of the money from the businessman was recovered from her. Her accomplices were also arrested.

CCTV footage at the places where they all checked in were recovered. The suspects have since pleaded not guilty at the Makadara law courts.


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