ODM leader Raila Odinga did not pay fares for passengers when he boarded a matatu from Karen to the city centre on July 10.

In an interview with local daily, Duncan Murage, the matatu driver stated Raila paid Sh150 fare to the city centre like any other passenger since it was a rush hour.

“It was around 9:30am when we stopped at Kerarapon road in Karen after a passenger stopped us only to realize it was Raila Odinga,” the driver added.

Murage says he was caught by surprise when some passengers started chanting Raila’s name forcing him to adjust the digital rear mirror to catch a glimpse.

“He paid the fare like any other passenger as he conversed with them cheerfully, some passengers had already paid thus, only a few had not paid,” the driver recalls.

The driver who has been on the wheels of the matatu for three years now said that chauffeuring a VIP was a privilege and he would like to do it again citing that such opportunities could be life changing.

“Even though I didn’t get a chance to share with him a lot, I would like to drive him again, maybe that will be an opportunity for me to climb the ladder from the matatu sector,” he said.

He however pointed out, “People think Raila paid us to do that but be boarded and paid like any other passengers. The only thing that we have gained is fame at matatus stages,”


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