It is an incident that has shocked residents of South B estate in Nairobi.

On Sunday afternoon, a businessman clobbered his wife welcomed their pastor and prepared a sumptuous meal of chicken and rice for the clergy.

According to witnesses, the man’s wife welcomed the preacher for prayers while the husband was away and then served him he delicious meal afterward.

But at 7 pm, her husband who sells second-hand shoes in Gikomba market arrived and found the wife and the pastor having the meal.

“The husband asked who the visitor was and what he was doing in their house at such an ungodly hour, the pastor replied that he had brought the good news of salvation and would not mind also praying for the head of the family,” a witness narrated.

It is suspected that the wife read mischief in his husband’s conduct and excused herself to see off the preacher. She took their young daughter just to show that she had nothing fishy in seeing off the pastor.

When he asked the wife where she was going and what she was doing with the strange pastor outside the house.

She responded that she was escorting the preacher to a nearby church but this did not go down with the husband who mocked her for cooking for the preacher and not for her real husband.

Witnesses said when the wife returned minutes later the husband had locked the door from the inside, prompting her to knock as she begged him to open the door continuously.

Instead, the man emerged from the house, grabbed his wife, and slapped her.

Minutes later, neighbours milled around the house and managed to rescue the woman who was screaming uncontrollably.


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