Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has now asked popular Mugithi singer Samidoh to take care of his marital affairs or else he will be disciplined.

The DP said Samidoh is letting his fans down and by airing dirty linen in public is an embarrassment.

“Wewe sasa Samidoh unajua tunakupenda lakini kuna mahali unatuangusha kidogo. Samidoh, u control hii watu yako… Hakuna ndovu hushindwa na pembe zake…” he said.

Gachagua was referring to a recent incident where nominated Senator Karen Nyamu was captured fighting Samindo’s wife in Dubai.

Samidoh and Karen have a child together and their love life has kept the gossip sector thriving.

The argument happened when Nyamu went to a table where Samidoh had sat with his wife and forcefully sat on his lap.

“You know guys, I have no regrets from last night, I don’t wish I did things any different. I however promise you that this is the last time your girl will ever be involved in a situation like that ever again,” Nyamu wrote on her Instagram page.

The DP said if Samidoh can’t put his house in order, he would be barred from travelling abroad or be restricted to only fly alone to mitigate any shame he would bring the country.

“Na ukishindwa, because you are one of our officers, tuta ku discipline, tutakataza wewe kwenda ng’ambo ama kama utaenda utaenda pekee yako ndio tusipate aibu,” he said.


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