A man who visited a Kamukunji area to quench his sexual thirst with a hooker has been arrested and charged for beating and injuring her.

Mohammed Baraka was said to have unlawfully assaulted the woman by stabbing her chest on January 17.

Police stated that Mohammed had visited that area, met the woman; paid the services but changed his mind and asked to be refunded.

This led to an argument which escalated into a fight; Mohammed then stabbed the woman using a chisel and as he was trying to run away members of the public caught up with him.

To his luck, police on patrol arrived and saved the man who was rushed to hospital for treatment with serious injuries having been beaten by members of the public.

Meanwhile, the sex worker told the police that the man had not paid her for the service before he changed his mind.

In court Baraka denied the charge and released him on a cash bail of Sh10,000.  The court ordered that he be taken back for further treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital.

The court further ordered the man to report how he was assaulted by members of the public so that action can be taken on suspects who attacked him.


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