There is a worrying trend that is giving Kenyan men sleepless nights and driving others into depression.

Young ladies who do some skits on Facebook and Tik-Tok are getting job offers in government and private sectors yet men who do the same including mimicking leaders are not recognized.

Remember the young lady who coined the name Riggy G for Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua?

She was invited to the DP’s office for a cup of tea and then she landed a job without breaking a sweat.

Then there is a young man called Mr KK mwenyewe who has been mimicking the DP for several months now.

Due to his striking resemblance with the DP including the tone and dress code, KK the upcoming comedian has been getting invites to television shows to entertain the audiences.

But it recently emerged that the man has never completed his studies due to lack of Sh10,000 school fees arrears.

In almost a similar scenario, a nurse who was recently captured while dancing for a child in hospital has landed a job as an ambassador and a three day’s holiday in Zanzibar.

Every dog has its day, so goes popular phrase but some Kenyan men now feel that women are getting much attention leaving Boychild in the cold.

Lameck Kibitok one of the worried Kenyans wrote, “ Boychild is  suffering since the very day Eve destroy our relationship with God our loving father, we shall keep on trying no matter what,”

Another man Joseph Kuria responded, “For a man only his “pockets” and his mother’s prayer that keeps him going,”

But Evalyne Kwamboka wrote, “Like charges repel unlike attract hiyo nilisoma Physics though I was poor in the subject.


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