Details have now emerged on how Deputy President was thoroughly trained days before Presidential Debate just days before August 9 polls.

Mr Gachagua faced off with Martha Karua, running mate of Raila Odinga.

Popular blogger Dennis Itumbi has revealed that thus was successful strategy to beat it only to wallop Karau in the debate but so to floor Raila Odinga who was vying for the 5th time.Hustler Nation worked hard.

In between the Campaigns, we practiced for the debates.

“Nothing was taken for granted.We even had a Martha Karua, whose brief was to annoy the then Deputy Presidential candidate Hon. Rigathi Gachagua,” Itumbi shared.

He added that, “She did her assignment well…she even went barefoot – literally,”

During the training session Itumbi explained that Gachagua equally practiced patience as he was pushed to the corner, much more than anyone could even imagine.

“He did very well behind the scenes, then Excelled on the main stage .While we helped prepare, H.E Rigathi, he really mentored us along the way. It was worth each minute…”

In the July 19 debate, however, a more polished and composed Gachagua was unveiled.

Despite spending a significant part of his time attacking President Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership, Gachagua came out as someone who understood UDA’s agenda.

Martha Karua, on the other hand, remained composed, and tried as much as possible not to attack the character of Gachagua’s principal, Deputy President William Ruto.


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