A man and woman who died at a lodging while kissing in Nairobi’s Embakasi area could have been bewitched.

This is according to locals who live around Kware where the bizzare incident happened on May 9.

“It is still talk of the hood here. Maybe their deaths have a witchcraft angle. If the woman was married, it is normal in our community,” a resident of Kware, told local publication.

“It is not the first shocking case here; some six years ago a man got stuck while having sex with a married woman. It was not until a witchdoctor was called that they were separated,” he explained

That night, the two lovers checked into a lodging in Kware area known as Chairman’s Lounge. They then paid for a room to spend the night in.

As fate would have it, the two did not wake up on each other’s arms. Their lifeless bodies were found on bed in the morning, their lips locked. They held on to each other tightly.

According to the locals the two could have died out of ‘lock’, an alleged treatment used by men who believe in witchcraft to tame cheating wives.


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