A taxi driver in Nairobi has claimed that a young woman who requested to be dropped at her place in Kilimani attempted to rape him.

Andrew Mungai claims that the Friday incident has left him terrified and he is planning to share the ordeal with authorities so that action can be taken.

“The lady applied for a ride around 11:30pm at the city centre and I picked her around City Hall, then we proceeded to an apartment in Kilimani,” he narrated to Nairobi Journal.

“On that way, she told me that she had left some cash at her house thus I should be worried because she will double the charges for the  inconvenience,” claimed Mungai

The driver says at the moment, the taxi app was charging Sh230 but the young lady promised to add Sh200 on top once they arrive at the destination.

Since it was a cold evening, Mungai claims the woman requested him to escort her into the house for a cup of coffee.

“I accepted half-heartedly and followed her to the first floor where she lives alone. After welcoming me in, she disappeared to the kitchen and came back with steaming cup of coffee,” narrated the taximan

Adding that, “she then proceeded to the bedroom promising to pick the cash, to my shock she came back naked with condoms in one hand and told me I will be her guest for the night,”

Mungia claims in shock, he dropped a mug of coffee and made it to the door but the woman had locked the door and was inching closer to him.

“She tried to convince  me for about 15 minutes but I refused, at some point she wanted to tear my clothes but I told her I’m married man and I had alerted my colleagues about the incident,”

Mungai said the ordeal left him terrified since such a thing had never happened to him since he started working as a taxi driver five years ago.

“I think the woman wanted to trap me but I’m a married man with children to feed and educate them, it is not an easy task driving strangers at night,” he added.


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