Experts have now poked holes in the story of Kenyan man claiming that he is in an intimate relationship with triplets.

Further, the therapists say the man and the triplets could be using the story to get famous online in what is commonly referred as ‘Clout chasing’.

Relationship expert Ann Mureithi says women rarely accept to share the same manhood, mostly blood sisters.

“It is unheard of to imagine sisters sharing man mostly in African culture, maybe they are up to something, I suspect the whole thing is fake,” she said

She added that, “It nauseating to picture the same man seeing your sister naked, women have inborn jealousy and understand value of not sharing man”

The expert argues that the story does not add up because the man and the three ladies are not willing to share their real names, where they schooled, their villages and their parents.

Stevo Big Man as he is popularly known has gone public that he is planning to marry the three at the same time.

The ‘triplets’ only identified as Eve, Mary, and Cate have equally announced that they are dating Steve and that their love is genuine.

Steve claims that he does not feel strange citing that he was born polygamous man.

“I’m from Suba community where polygamy is not a big deal. My grandfather was polygamous” he claimed

According to Steve, he has been dating the sisters for about three months now and says their union has not experienced any challenge.

“Initially, they were my fans online and fell for me, after some time they fell for men before they reached me through a friend, that is how we met,” he explained.

With time, the youthful man claims he has realized that each of the girlfriends love him differently, a thing he describes as an hunour for any man.


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