Hookers in Nairobi are now forced to sleep with more male clients so as to make ends meet.

In an interview with local publication, the night nurses say hard economic times brought by Russia – Ukraine war has pushed them to the wall.

At the same time, they say male clients are not willing to pay more for the service in move that has forced them to increase the number of customers per day.

Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA) leader Fellister Abdallah in the interview stated that sex workers have been also been hit hard by hard economic times.

“The situation is bad for everyone but for the women in the business, they have been forced to look for more clients so that they can meet the target,” she explained.

Carol Atemi, who has been in the business for six years, describes the past two years as the worst.

She also agrees that sex workers are feeling the heat of the recent fuel shortage and the Russian war.

“At the moment, most of the girls must sleep with at least ten men assuming that each pays Sh300. Before men used to pay well but nowadays they bargain a lot and even pay upfront,” she said

“Majority of the girls have increased the charges but it is hard to come by customers, it is not easy anymore,” she said

In Nairobi, sex workers earn at least Sh30,000 a month depending on the location and the customers they serve.


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