Kenyans will be required to drink a lot of water this month of February so as not to get dehydrated.

The Kenya Meteorological Department in their weather outlook for February 2022 have predicted that the month will be hot and dry.

“High temperatures in most of the country may lead to discomfort, members of the public are advised to hydrate appropriately”, the department warned.

Adding that, “Dusty conditions that are expected during the month may also provide favourable conditions for outbreaks of respiratory diseases”.

Nairobi and neighbouring counties including Kiambu, is likely to experience generally sunny and dry conditions for the most of the month and the heat likely to range from 22 – 31 degrees.

For this reason, the weathermen say the sunny and dry conditions in most of the country will lead to reduction in pasture and food for wildlife and livestock especially in arid and Semi-Arid areas.

This might lead to human to human and human to wildlife conflict, the Ministry of Interior has been urged to put in place measures to avert such eventualities.

With the dry season expected to lead to dry vegetation likely to spark wildfires, the Ministry of Environment and other stakeholders were advised to put up measures to conserve the environment.

The dry conditions are likely to negatively impact hydro power generation, warns the Meteorological Department.


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