There is a shortage of free condoms mostly distributed by NGOs in Kenya.

This is according to King’s Condoms Promotion CEO Stanley Ngara who has attributed the shortage to the high taxes imposed by the government.

“The government has been procuring condoms on its own, while some NGOs procure on their own to supplement what is available because the demand is so high,” Ngara told local media outlet

Ngara has been supplying free sheaths to men and sex workers in the country for more than 20 years. He says the situation needs urgent discussion.

“Not long ago, an NGO procured condoms worth Sh10 million but the taxes were almost double the amount, yet their aim is to supplement what the government offers for free.”

When the country encounters such challenges, many people who cannot access free condoms are exposed to Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections.

“The government is giving out free ARVS, yet they are putting people at risk. The high taxes which are being imposed on the protective gears will come to haunt the government,” Ngara added.

He continued: “It will be good to have a meeting with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) boss so that we can explain the pain caused by the high taxes on condoms.”


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