A fly over at Kware area along Outering road has been turned into ‘dating site’ by nearby residents who flock the area on weekends.

The locals from Embakasi, Pipeline, Tassia, Jogoo road and nearby estates reportedly flock the flyover from morning hours to late in the evening enjoy the view and rekindle their love or cement the existing ones.

“On Sundays, young couples flock here to have fun because there is no open place to hang around like Uhuru Park or other amenities. Some just come here to while time as they share candies,”  says a trader around the area.

To so some locals they see this as embarrassment especially during the evening hours when some couples start kissing and gropping even when people are still crossing to or from their homes.

“Last week, I found young lady and boyfriend who were kissing around 8pm, I was in company of my brother and it was embarrassing police should deal with them, or they should get rooms elsewhere” Mercy Anyango, one of the residents claimed.


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