If you live in Nairobi and have been running Taxi business using currently available Applications then you must have felt the pain of tough competition, dwindling profits and cunning drivers.

This could be thing of the past now, thanks to arrival of new Application and Fleet Management system dubbed ‘My Ride’ set to bring back smile on the faces of taxi investors, drivers and passengers at the same time.

Unlike those available in the market, this will be the first of its kind with local concept and expected to ruffle feathers among the established firms currently available in Nairobi and other towns.

“This is very different even though we will use the same features in while applying for ride but under our fleet management arrangement, we will assign driver, service your car, ensure its security and give you up to Sh40,000 per month” explains Patrick Macharia one of the brains behind My Ride.

Adding that “we have our own fleet that is why we are looking for partners and investors willing to use our app or leave us the vehicle to manage because we hire drivers on their behalf and fix their vehicles in case of any problems”

Macharia says unlike its rivals, at the moment, they don’t have strict conditions on the type of vehicles to join their fleet, “we accept even Prado and Mercedes because our priority is to generate income and bring back sanity and solution in the taxi business because we have experience and understand the pain many are going through”

“Our drivers will be required to part with Sh250 commission in a day if they have made Sh1000 and above but if they don’t meet the target one will not be forced to pay, My Ride App allows one to book ride directly for another person in professional way” he explains.

Macharia says one can decide to use My Ride Taxi App or hand over the vehicle for them to manage and give them the aforementioned amount depending market and assessment of the vehicle performance.

“Our prices will be friendly on passenger side; we have enhanced security of all with panic button among the features on the App, so either driver or passenger can raise alarm in case of any issue, our security team in office will receive signal and act accordingly”, he said.

Adding that “drivers are not forgotten, those who will use our App or join our team will be trained of driving  and safety skills, how to communicate with customers, cleanliness and  all about customers service, we are not only in business but solution oriented company”


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