Sex workers in Nairobi have announced a raft of measures to help sustain their lives and those of their families during the period coronavirus scare.

This comes after the government announced that some workers from public institutions will be required to work from home and advised private companies to also allow their staff to keep off work places to combat the pandemic.

Kenya Sex Workers Alliance boss, Phellister Abdalla, has said that the number of sex workers on the streets has reduced drastically following an advisory by the government for people to work from home. This is coupled by concerns by sex workers who are also worried about their health.

“We hope that this virus will be dealt with soon. This does not mean that our business is completely dead;  we are still around, but avoiding crowded places as advised by the government,” she said.

“It will be a tough month. Our girls will lose about Sh50 million because sex work is among the best paying jobs in Nairobi,” said Abdalla who has been at the helm of the sex workers alliance for 13 years.

She said the few girls in the business have sanitisers in their rooms to ensure customers are sanitised before being served.“The girls are also even more particular about safe sex,” she said.

Abdalla is advising clients not to engage with sex workers who don’t have  face masks or sanitizers. She also asked customers to pay for services through mobile money.

For sex workers dealing with foreigners, she advised that, “They should take preventive measures or avoid them for now”


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