Gospel artiste Emmy Kosgei has left tongues wagging after weighing in on the trending topic about sex among the married people now branded ‘twa..twa…twa’…

The 35-year-old hit maker of Taunet nelel who married 71-year-old Nigerian Bishop Anslem Madabuko shared message on Facebook while lauding the BBI report that was launched today at Bomas of Kenya

She posted “Hii mambo ya BBI 🇰🇪 na twa 💥twa 💥 na bedroom … munaonaje, kuna uhusiano kweli…. nevertheless #onekenya #onepeople #onebedroom 😂😂💪 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪 ama kila mtu ako na bedroom yake 😂🤣 haya kumbuka mama pastor alisema 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 ni kila mahali”

Kosgei’s post was interpreted by some of her fans to mean that she longs for good sex or she is getting a lot from the husband while others wished they had met her before.

One of her followers,  Charleston Maina for instance wished he was there with Kosgei for twa…twa moment to which she positively responded… ‘’Twaet’.

Another fan Bernice Obonyo observed, “If you preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ,there will be no need for such talk in the pulpit.

While Jimmy Kibet posed “I hope Mzee Madabuko is still rising to the occasion and giving the same medicine, otherwise this message means your are missing sex”

Emmy and Bishop Madabuko have never been blessed with child since they walked down aisle but she has since explained childbearing is personal choice.

“I didn’t get married just because I wanted to have kids. Relationships are about unions and destinies. If you are attached to the wrong person, it can affect your destiny permanently,” she is quoted in an interview with Parent magazine.

Emmy further stated that she is just not ready yet to have a child at the moment because her hands are currently full.

“I’m also very busy, but yes I do hope to have my own children one day” she added.


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