A 31 years old man caught on camera assaulting security guard in Komarocks was has denied that he committed the offense.

Justus Kamoja who is a broker within Bahati is said to have unlawfully assaulted Damaris Kemunto on 24th November.

That day, Kemunto reported to her work place in Komarocks phase five where she works as a security guard when accused unknown to her came driving a Nissan Van with some occupants all unknown to her.

Accused claimed that he was visiting somebody within the estate but was not sure number of the house he was visiting forcing the guard to close the gate for further consultation.

He is said to have turned violent when he was asked where exactly he was going. He then started shouting at Kemunto that he will finish her despite some people asking him to leave her.

In the footage that went viral, Kamoja started attacking Kemunto and pushed her on the ground before she was rescued by occupants aboard the van he was driving.

He then Kamoja got into his car and forcefully drove inside the compound taking advantage of   some resident who was also driving into the compound.

Meanwhile Kemunto was left with injuries on her right leg, arm and her back and at the time of the incident other security gaurds were on foot patrol around the estate.

In court, he pleaded not guilty and through and that he was negotiating the matter out of the on their own. He was released Sh30,000 cash bail and the matter will be mentioned on December 11th.


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