A middle aged man has claimed that he found out heartbreaking information that the son he has been taking care for ten months is not his by blood.

Jeff in post shared on Instagram revealed that the son he has been fostering as his own for several months, was not his biological child, as revealed by a court order after secret DNA test.

In the sad post Jeff appreciated everyone, both friends and family alike, that have played important roles in helping him raise the child he used to know as his own.

“First of all, I will like to thank every single person who has helped me raise this young little angel from God. You guys have seen him grow from day one,” he wrote.

He recounted how the mother of the child left her baby just after one month and how he was left to raise the little one alone.

“It was not easy raising him alone but I had lots of help, my parents came when he was 4 months my parents came back and stepped up and love this boy with all their heart. He changed all our lives forever,” he added.

“I’m heartbroken and hate the world or her for doing this and destroyed my family,” he concluded.


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