It is almost more than a week now since Njeri Muthaka revealed she is behind campaign that will see Kenyan women pee while standing like men.

Since then she has been receiving all kind of applauds and criticism in equal measures in her push for Susu cup, a tool that women will use to sustain the posture.

Njeri’s ideas she told a local daily was informed by many factors and if all goes well all women will have embraced the idea in five years period

Here are some she said will be addressed by Susu cup that currently retails ast Sh200 only in Nairobi;

  • The cup, she said will provide health aspect like preventing them from contracting urinary tract infections.
  • Women want to urinate comfortably, whistling without undressing a lot. This will also allow women share urinals with men.
  • After use, one can shake and place it the handbag to rinse with soap at home later on.
  • It will save women from being bitten by snakes and ants while hiding in bushes to pee
  • Good for aging women who cannot bend while peeing
  • Reduced one’s private parts from dust exposure and getting pricked in bushes.


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