A 60-year-old woman has been  charged in Makadara Law Courts for hiding stolen phones in her breasts.

Mercy Nkirote Micheni was charged with offense of stealing two mobile phones make Samsung and Inovo valued at Sh, 22,000 and that were meant for exhibits on 6th November at Kamukunji Police station.

She was further accused of dishonestly retaining the phones and being in possession of forged National Identification Cards and altered certificates bearing her image with different names.

Police stated the accused and others had visited the station to indentify stolen phones then at some point it was noticed the some phones were missing.

A female officer was asked to frisk the accused and the mobile phones were found stashed around her bust before she was taken in for further questioning.

She denied the charges and claimed that she was dating one of the police officers in the station.

She was granted Sh 15,000 bail and the hearing will be 21st February.


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