Nominated Member of Parliament Gideon Keter is on the receiving end for asking the unemployed youth to work hard like young boy from Narok who recently became online sensation for mimicking Citizen Tv Reporter.

The boy Levis Saule was ‘reporting live’ from Mau Forest; a water catchment area that has been subject to a vicious back and forth between the Ministry of Environment, and a section of Rift Valley politicians.

Due to his exemplary reporting skills Citizen Tv traced and hosted Saule on their morning show on 14th November, afterwards he was taken to the parliament buildings for a brief tour.

It was at the August house that the seemingly excited Keter grabbed an opportunity for photo session Saule and shared on his Facebook Page with what he presumed to be paramount advice to the unemployed youth.

Keter post reads in part “as you complain of joblessness with your degrees well-kept in your houses, this secondary school boy has landed an employment opportunity. He is only waiting to get a national ID and to clear his studies”

His supposed advice has been attracting all kind of ridicule from his followers, mostly from Kuresoi South where he is said to be planning to contest for parliamentary seat in 2022.

Here are some of the observations by angry youths ridiculing the youthful MP nominated by Jubilee Party to represent Youth interests in the National Assembly.

Talismanic The name Hon to him sound irrelevant and of big irony!! He is a nincompoop

Daniel Kipyator Gideon Keter amechoma picha. Maybe he was drunk

Benard Korir In other words, those youth who have got used to asking for connections should work on their skills for its skills that market an individual. Not “connections”

Edwin Mathenge Benard Korir the politicians if they love our country they should be working on making good ground of skills to be put to work example acting in Nigeria n south Africa football in Egypt etc but these gorillas are useless selfish n clueless on how to lead people

Benard Korir Edwin Mathenge true, they’re after satisfying their insatiable needs.

Abu Kipkorir Koskei He is speaking from a ‘comfort zone’

Ranciz Gitau So do you mean ala successful did that alafu wakaitwa…ok did u do that yourself

Richard Njoroge What was your creativity for you to be nominated? That’s what you should be teaching us here.

Levis Saule in action


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