A controversial preacher in Nairobi has claimed that he has many female contacts in his phone because he is not a gay.

In an interview with local radio station Paul Kuria popularly known as Man Kush of Hope international ministries stated his wife too has long list of men in her phone to imply that she is straight.

“I’m not perfect thought but I don’t do some things others pastors do like when I offer a free ride to a woman, that does not mean we will do anything cruising at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour,” he said

Kuria further revealed that his initial plans were to sire eight children but due to lack of resources then, he settled for three since he relied on digging pit latrines until he was discouraged by his mum who wondered if her children were useless.

“One day my mother was from farm headed to the market, she stopped by and came to the site where I and my two brothers were digging a hole. I was inside a 50 feat hole while my brothers drew the soil, she was not happy and that was my turning point” she claimed.

“That was the last time I dug holes and I ventured into God’s ministry. The first time I went to an open market where I started singing and preaching for almost a week and I would see people leave their work to come to listen to my summons” he said.

Kuria said even though the temptation to dig latrines was strong it was overpowered by preaching as people supported his ministry through tithes and offerings.


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