Raila Odinga Junior

Raila Junior Odinga, son of Nasa leader Raila Odinga wants marijuana that was prohibited in Kenya 104 years ago be made legal substance in the country.

Junior made this appeal as he sympathised with Njoroge Mbugua, a Kiambu resident who was arrested in September for farming cannabis sativa (Bhang). Mbugua claimed he was ordered by God to grow it.

Man smoking bhang. [Photo: Courtesy]
Junior stated; “Serious discussion have to be held on the legalisation and control of cannabis sativa, and entrepreneurs like Mr. Mbugua in their business and religious conquests #LegalizeIt”.


He shared sentiments with prominent Kenyans like Nasa strategist David Ndii who argues that marijuana has proven to have a healing effect. Researcher, writer and political analyst Gwada Ogot who calls for its legalisation has since petitioned the Senate to decriminalise it.

Bhang was banned in Kenya on January 1, 1914 by the colonial British government. In Court consumers are convicted for 10 years while trafficking attracts 20 years imprisonment.

In May 2018 a Mombasa Court sentenced one Emmanuel Chacha to life sentence for trafficking bhang worth Sh23, 250.


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