Governor Waititu attending a women conference

State House has denied sharing any budget with Kiambu County.

The head of the Presidential Delivery Unit,Nzioka Waita clarified that it State House has no budget linked to Governor Waititu Baba Yao led County.

“@StateHouseKenya does not share any budgets with the County Government of Kiambu,” said Waita in his Twitter account.

Those who commented on the grave issue made fun of Kiambu’s chief and his electorate while others chided him for being reckless.

said: I hope the auditor general’s report on Kiambu County is true, so that next time the good people of Kiambu can use half half their brains when voting.

said: If kiambu county Governor Waititu (Baba yao) can move rivers, he can also FUND STATE HOUSE, South Sudan and Retired heads of state. Such brilliance can only be equated to a goat’s.

said: Kiambu County becomes the 1st & the only County in Kenya to offer support for the Peace Process in South Sudan. The County Govt has in the spirit of good neighbourliness allocated Ksh. 500M for the process. This is a welcome idea, timely and very good

said: At this rate they may end up including a budget for the building of US-Mexico boarder wall.

said:Knowing its Governor Ferdinand Waititu is our next Deputy President, Kiambu County is already doing rehearsal in local & Foreign expenditure: It has allocated money for our State House & South Sudan Peace Process …. Kenya, here, meet your next DP & don’t complain in 2023!


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