Panties strewn on the floor at Tharaka Nithi County offices.

Tharaka-Nithi County offices had a rare spectacle yesterday after group of women marched to the Governor’s office, removed their panties and left them at the entrance.

The women were demonstrating following remarks by Governor Muthomi Njuki over the weekend that Tharaka people are dirty.

Thus when they left after delivering their ‘message’, the County offices were littered with all types and colours of panties including light blue and others pink while majority were white.

The demonstrators said Tharaka, Maara and Chuka/Igamba Ng’ombe sub-counties wanted to counter the Governor’s claims made over the weekend citing them as childish insult.

The women said  Njuki has a habit of demeaning. In one instance, they claimed, he told them to look for ‘ sponsors’ to finance the county’s beauty pageant.

County chief of staff Wilson Murithi promised to pass their message to the Governor for action.


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