City women with insatiable sex appetite have snapped up a popular sex toys they lovingly refer to as ‘Mr Big.’ And Mr Big is now missing, out of stock.

Women are now scrambling for any available eight-inch remnant of Mr Big which resembles a real human shaft.

Three websites that have been selling the toy have indicated that they have run out of stock.

Diana Wanjira, one of the dealers said Mr Big gained popularity because it looks like the real thing in size and texture, because it is made from high quality rubber.

Its popularity spread through word of mouth and. Wanjiara revealed that, “We sell more than 15 in a good week between Monday and Friday. Most of our clients come from the upmarket side of town,” she said.

Wanjira adds that even though there was an economic meltdown in Kenya in 2018, Mr Big maintained his lion share of the market.

“December was not a bad month for us as we sold more than 300 pieces,” she disclosed. For an item that goes for Sh3, 000, that is a pretty pile of dough.

Mr Big is billed to have “high-quality suction cup at the base that can stick to any smooth surface such as a wall, floor or shower door, to enable sex -hungry women to use it without having to hold it in their hands,” one of the websites explained.


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