Joesph Kori and Judy Wangui

Detectives piecing together evidence into the death of the businesswoman have traced her movements on the fateful night from several CCTV footage’s.

Also obtained is a mobile phone belonging to Wangui with a number of photographs taken in the company of Wambui including a selfie of the two sharing Nyama Choma.

That day, Wangui had visited Kori’s home at Garden City, Kasarani Park, and around 11.15am where she managed to find Kori leaving for a business meeting in Ngong.

Police claim Wangui used a Toyota Allion hired from Mathenge and after Kori had left, she joined Wambui briefly.

The two women visited TRM and then Homeland Hotel for lunch but Wangui’s hired car developed mechanical problems along the way, forcing them to use Wambui’s Mercedes Benz. Meanwhile, Wambui called a mechanic to repair her friend’s car.

CCTV footage that police indicates the two arrived at Homeland Hotel at 1.15pm and had lunch as Wangui took more photos having fun.

Hours later the mechanic arrived at the hotel along Thika Road with the car and handed over the keys to Wangui but forgot to give her the gate pass.

At about 6.18pm, the two women left the hotel and headed to Wangui’s Four Ways Junction home in Kiambu using Wambui’s Mercedes Benz, leaving behind the just repaired car.

They spent around three hours at Wangui’s home where it is alleged they had an argument when Wambui saw photos of her husband and Wangui on the wall.

Police claim the deceased was hit on the head nine times using a pressure cooker and was then wrapped in beddings.

Wangui then left using the deceased’s car and left it around Homeland Hotel in order to pick the hired car she had left behind.

At around 10.42pm, according to the hotel’s footage, Wangui was not allowed in by security guards without gate pass. She decided to use a taxi that dropped her at her Four Ways Junction home.

Mathenge according to the CCTV footage arrived with a Toyota Voxy that they used to travel back to Homeland and showed him where she had left Wambui’s vehicle.

According to the investigators, it was here Wangui told Mathenge that she had an argument with Wambui and asked him to accompany him to Four Ways Junction.

It is reported that as they went back, Wangui was driving Wambui’s Mercedes Benz while Mathenge followed her with the Toyota Voxy. They checked in at the residence around 1.30am.

Mathenge told the detectives that when they arrived, he found Wambui had died.

Mathenge claims he was forced to carry the body and put it the back seat of Wambui’s Mercedes. They then drove towards Ruiru with him driving his Voxy and Wangui driving the deceased’s car.

It is alleged they dumped the body in a dam in Ruiru and left for Githunguri where they left Wambui’s Mercedes Benz. Police said Mathenge and Wangui drove back to Four Ways Junction and arrived around 5am.

It is said Kori arrived at their TRM home around 10pm and after missing his wife, he texted her, telling her to have fun and not to return home.

It has also emerged that Wambui had texted her husband Joseph Kori telling him to rush to Wangui’s home probably after the argument.

The following day, Kori told detectives he woke up to find reports on social media that a woman’s body had been found dumped around Kiambu’s Courtesy Dam.


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