The notice posters

Koingange street in Nairobi is famed for high end prostitutes thus most of the high profile figures avoid the area like plaque.

The embattled Preacher David Kariuki Ngare popularly known as Bishop Gakuyo of Ekeza Sacco had his offices at Yala Towers at the junction of Koinange and Biashara Street at the City Centre.

Gakuyo is currently battling allegations of bungling over Sh2.5 billion members’ savings at Ekeza Sacco besides duping clients via property investments using his real estate company.

Gakuyo supporters Demo

Last week the management of Yala towers ejected Gakuyo citing disturbance of other tenants in the building by placing several posters within and outside the building.

“The management of Yala Towers has closed offices of Ekeza Sacco indefinitely due to the disturbance caused to our tenants by the members of Ekeza Sacco” reads the posters.

Not long ago, it is reported that one pf the members stripped naked having visited the offices and failed to meet the Gakuyo’s management who have been playing cat and mouse games.

Some of the houses that were used to lure Members into the sacco


  1. I believe that Gakuyo is innocent & most likely some of his workers have messed him up! All I know is that it’ll end up well for him even though it doesn’t look good now! Just hold on Mr. Bishop & God will see you through!


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