It is bizarre and inhumane to leave a dead person unburied or cremated.

The world over either bury people in caskets, others go to an extent of having their after lives staring in limos, others are sealed in cemented graves and mausoleums are built and this often takes time.

But come to think of it, being allowed to stay with the living, in the open until you turn to manure.

In the USA, an alternative ‘burial’ is being mooted where one’s final resting place will be on the flowers and trees as manure.

Man scooping soil

Washington State wants to pass a bill where one can choose a manure burial.

It is claimed that a body decomposes, while lying in the open depending on the humidity and the wetness of an area.

It is also claimed that with some good bacteria, a body can fully decompose within a month.

Some USA citizens interviewed by BBC say that the manure burial is environmental friendly and it is the greener way of dying.

What will happen is that the body is placed in a mix of wood chips and other decaying materials which ignites bacteria to work.

The remains are heated to 55 degrees, killing all infectious bacteria to that can make the soil unsafe to use.

Recompose founder Katrina Spade told Pacific Standard magazine she hopes the company will one day transform city warehouses into indoor gardens where people can lay their loved ones to rest and see the body’s “journey of transformation from human to soil”.



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