A Nairobi court has warned a businessman from seducing other people’s wives.

Jeff Musyoka was arraigned before Makadara law courts for fighting in public with Daniel Kamau on 9th January within Umoja over woman.

Their issue according to police started when Kimazi accused Kamau of seducing his wife.

Reportedly,  Kamau had traveled upcountry for burial when he was informed his wife had closed their business and was sleeping around with Kimanzi.

Police stated that when he came back, Kamau questioned his wife who denied the claims, then arranged to meet Kimanzi but ended up fighting in public injuring themselves.

They both reported the matter to authorities and were both arrested and charged with affray.

In court they both claimed to have reconciled before being arrested but the Magistrate lightly warned Kimanzi to stop seducing other people’s wives and get himself another woman.


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