Mama Rosa’s grave (courtesy)

Some Kenyans are not happy after photos showing grave of Rosa Chepochesau popularly known as Mama Rosa went public.

Her grave is located in Chepkoti village, some kilometres away from her home in open field with twigs and few poles around it.

During the burial on Saturday, ‘Prophet’ Owuor the founder of Repentance and Holiness who claimed he resurrected Rosa was not among those who attended the burial ceremony on January 26th.

One of the resident was heard stating,“We were expecting Prophet Owuor to attend the burial yet he was telling us he resurrected her, we are not happy at all”

Saddened Francis Mburu another disappointed follower posted“it is sad that they worship ‘Prophet’..see how Rosa has been dumped , we expected proper send-off, it ought to be eye opener to the followers”

Rosa came into the limelight two years ago 2017 when the news of her “death and resurrection” spread like wildfire in move that made Owuor followers travel from all corners of the country to Cheparten village in South Pokot to witness this “miracle”.

Mama Rosa 59, had died on January 22nd and the only mention of an ailment in her eulogy was arthritis.

Rosa’s husband, Samson Rotirakori, stated then that he truly believed his wife had died for about two hours and that it had taken but Owuor brought her back to life.

During the burial ceremony, clergy from Ministry of Repentance and Holiness churches in the North Rift were in attendance to conduct the final rites.

Those who rose to speak mourned Rosa, saying she was the only person to “die twice” after being given a second chance by Owuor to live after resurrection.


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