Khalwale’s daughter rescued as MP Junet’s kin is killed at Riverside attack

Zinzi Khalwale. She was evacuated from Riverside Drive this morning.

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed is among Kenyans mourning loss of their kins to Al-Shabaab terror attack at Riverside Drive in Westlands that started yesterday afternoon.

Junet lost his cousin Feisal Ahmed Rashid who was with a friend having lunch at Dusit Hotel which was primary target of the six terrorists who have since been killed. About 14 civilians were killed.

MP Junet’s cousin Feisal Ahmed Rashid (Left) and a friend. Both were killed by terrorists at Riverside Drive.

Junet mourned his kin saying; “People who call themselves Muslims killing other Muslims. “My condolences to all Kenyans who lost their lives,”.

It was however good news to former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale’s family after his daughter was rescued unscathed from the attack scene. Zinzi Khalwale was trapped in the building for over 12 hours, metres away from the killer attackers.

Yesterday evening Khalwale said he was at the scene hoping she will come out alive. This morning he shared the good news.

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“3:27am and my Zinzi is evacuated! I thank Mr Kanja (GSU Commandant) the rescue operations commander, MIke Lekaleile (OCS Muthangari) and the rest of the security forces for saving the hostages” Khalwale posted.

Zinzi was among hundreds of civilians rescued by security agents who responded to the attack in record time. President Uhuru Kenyatta said more than 700 people were rescued from the facility under attack.


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