Crime-busters reveals teen stabbing people in Dandora

Jarnnes Omondi, teenage criminal

The no-nonsense cops slaying the dragon of crime in the city have revealed the boy, said to be below 18 years and behind stabbings in Dandora.

The thug identified as Jarnnes Omondi operates around Stage 41 of Dandora Phase 3, and whenever he commits crime he hides at the dumpsite.

He is reportedly 16 years. He was arrested and found with two daggers. Though he is in police custody, the cops are worried he will be set free by court and continue with his thuggery unabated.

Daggers the hardcore thug Jarnnes Omondi was found in possession of.

The crime busters going by the pseudo name Hesy wa Dandora, Hesy wa Kayole, Hessy wa Huruma and Blackest Widow have warned him to quit crime should he be set free or else be killed.

“The boy is an under-age and most probably, he may not have a case to answer in the court of law, so what happens when he gets released?” the cop using code-names posed.

The cops added; “In short, am saying by us arresting him and ensuring he appears in court is what we term as booking the appointment, but when he comes out and continues to misbehave, we will be left with no option than to fix his appointment with our creator”.


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