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Sleeping with your wife in the morning could be the secret and shortcut way of making her pregnant.

This is according to study courtesy of researchers from the University of Warwick in the UK.

The lead Researcher Professor Geraldine Hartshorne in response to Daily Mail said ‘morning glory’ couple have better chances of getting pregnant because they tend to be healthier with fewer illnesses.

For the study, the team followed more than 100 women and asked them what time they naturally went to sleep and woke up, then followed them as they tried to start a family through IVF.

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The results, presented at the annual conference of the British Fertility Society, show almost three-quarters of “larks” became pregnant.

“This is a pilot study and we now want to monitor people’s sleep and hormone levels with tracking devices to see how much their body clocks relate to pregnancy,” Hartshorne said.

“But if we can replicate these findings, we could consider a trial where we asked people to change their habits and to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier,” she stated.



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