Prophet Shepherded Bushiri who is a close friend of Kenya’s Reverend Lucy Natasha has been told to leave South Africa.

In report published by South Africa’s Eye Witness News, a group of people yesterday blocked the entrance of Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church.

This comes after the church was charged with defeating the ends of justice and interfering with police work for moving the bodies of three women who died during a stampede in the church last week.

The police also accused the congregation of moving the bodies of the victims to a private mortuary without reporting the incident to the police.

“We cannot have a situation whereby this prophet doesn’t make money in his own country and decide to come here [South Africa]. If they are prophets, they must go back to their countries and make money there. Enough is enough; we cannot lose our loved ones, people who die like their animals. He can’t even apologise to South Africans,” South African National Civic Organisation Tshwane treasurer Abram Mashishi was quoted.

Natasha, who is now referred to as “Oracle of God”, has been linked with controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, a wealthy and controversial South Africa-based Malawian preacher and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church.

Bushiri is an enthusiastic social media user with an appetite for showing off his newly acquired properties to millions of his followers. His most memorable social media brag was the Gulf Stream III private jet.

The preacher who uses the title ‘Dr’ has previously claimed to heal those afflicted with HIV and the blind, and that he was once seen to appear to walk on air.

But Natasha in recent interview denied any financial link with Bushiri only claiming to be close friends describing him as “anointed man of God”.

Bushiri’s church boasts of ‘miracle oil’ bottled in containers with the preacher’s face, which is claimed to heal all manner of ailments. “Anointed man of God” but has no role in her ministry.

“I have known Bushiri and his wife for some time now. He is among young men of God, I respect him” Natasha responded in the interview.


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