Why Kimathi students ‘wedded’ in university

Kimathi mock couple

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology students held a wedding within the institution that caught fellow students by surprise. Everything was awesome, well organised only that it was a mock wedding for learning purposes.

Kimathi mock wedding entourage
Mock wedding entourage

It involved fourth year students from the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality. The university says it was done to apply the skills learnt in class in real life situation.

It was part of their practical assessment for events management.

Kimathi mock wedding

“It is a continuous focus and commitment by the University to produce human resource relevant to contributing to national change and development” the university stated.

Kimathi mock wedding

They added; “With the kind of training offered, these students are well equipped to handle challenges and provide solutions in the tourism sector”.

Kimathi students doing the mock wedding
Kimathi mock couple cutting cake
Kimathi students feasting during the mock wedding
Kimathi mock wedding couple


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