Journalists demand Sh50K bribe to cover Kayole demolition victims

Bribe taking

As  ‘Sanny’ bulldozers were knocking down houses at Nyamavilla Estate in Kayole on Tuesday, some journalists were reportedly demanding for bribes from the victims so as to air stories about their plight.

Over 10 journalists from leading and upcoming media houses, led by a notorious extortionist are said to have asked for Sh50, 000 or else their pleas will never come to light.

At that time, many a victims were coming to terms with millions-worth loses. Dismayed by the journalists’ demands, they held a brief meeting with their estate leaders and agreed to part with Sh15, 000 but were told off by the extortionists scribes.

Stranded residents of Nyama Villa estate in Kayole watch as their houses are flattened.

“They insisted on more money to also bribe their bosses for the story to run. But this was just a strategy to squeeze more money from them” said an agitated journalist.

Notable scribes protested and walked away on realising what was happening but their colleagues, many of the photographers and cameramen kept on pushing the grieving residents, threatening to do favour the oppressors in their stories.

After back and forth negotiations, dazed pooled more to bribe the said journalists. They were later heard wondering; “What kind of journalists are they? You mean this is how modern journalists work?”


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