It is a rare occasion for a member of parliament to ridicule an elected governor under any circumstances.

But things are getting out of hand in Nairobi County following a heated exchange online between governor Sakaja and Embakasi East Babu Owino.

The online war was sparked by lengthy update by Sakaja who was ranting over an opinion poll on Friday where he was ranked among the worst performing county bosses,

The pollster rated Sakaja among the bottom ten governors placing him number 38 out of 47.

Thus, Sakaja reacted in part “I see such ratings and laugh, bursaries are issued every school term now and for the first time, increased ward-based projects worth Sh23 Million per ward…” Sakaja posted.

In response, Babu shared, “Stop lying, Johnson Sakaja, you gave MCAs 1200 bursary forms at Sh5K each which amount to Sh6 million, not Sh23 million which you are claiming,”

That was not enough, Babu also dressed down Sakaja on his school feeding program that is not an issue of concern to Nairobians at the moment.

“It takes 3 hours to feed all kids in one school which interferes with the learning program,” Babu added.

Babu described the school feeding programs as scandal, explaining that, “ksh 5 per day from each parent by 1000 parents in every school amount to 5000/- per day by 22 active school days in a month=110000/- per month,”

Pointing out, “There are 208 public primary schools in Nairobi so you get 110000 multiplied by 208=22,880,000. In one year, this amount=12 times 22,880,000=274,560,000,”

The MP tasked the governor where the County takes the millions collected from parents yet there’s a budget for the school feeding program.

While the two have been on each other’s throats over the weekend it appears, the school feeding program has been facing some challenges.

For some days, there have been several complaints that the food arrives in many schools in the city past 3pm thus failing to achieve its intended purpose.

During the inception the school feeding programme dubbed ‘Dishi na County’ has been facing some rebellion including a court case.

Former Education CEC Janet Muthoni Ouko was among those who had advised Sakaja to rethink the initiative citing that it was a waste of taxpayer’s money.

She explained that whereas there are only 205 primary schools in Nairobi, there are over 3000 non-formal schools with high concentration in informal settlements.

Ouko in an open letter to Sakaja explained that the school feeding programme will also entrench inequality since it only targets a section of needy pupils in primary schools while entirely neglecting those in non-formal schools.


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