A 77-year-old man in Kitui Saturday evening (September 9) was found dead at a lodging in Machakos County.

The old man was in the company of a 32-year-old lady in what is suspected that they were engaging in the act of rod.

According to police reports the incident happened at Shammah Hotel in Masii town, Machakos town around 7pm.

It is reported the hotel owner discovered the old man identified as James Musili aged 77 who had booked a room was found dead on the bed while naked.

At the time, a lady identified as Gladys Karimi aged 32 was found in the room and was terrified after shouting for help when the old man started losing his strength and stopped breathing.

Police who arrived at the scene started their investigations and upon searching the old man’s bag they found 25 tablets believed to be Viagra.

On the table, the police found four empty sachets of the tablets that is believed the deceased had ingested before jumping in bed with the woman.

The body was taken to Machakos funeral home awaiting postmortem and further investigations.


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